The Advent Wreath (A)

Published December 2, 2015 by humanlign


This first Sunday of Advent, we focused on the Advent Wreath – the wreath and the four candles.

As readers of this blog may know, three of the four candles have two names:

Second Week purple candle: “The Bethlehem Candle” and the “Love Candle.”

Third Week pink candle: “The Shepard’s Candle” and the “Joy Candle.”

Fourth Week purple candle: “The Angel’s Candle” and the “Peace Candle.”

The First Week purple candle, however, has one given name: “The Prophecy Candle.”

The class was challenged to come up with a second name for the First Week purple candle. Student suggestions included “Help Candle,” “Heart Candle” and “Happy Candle. The name voted on as being the best was “Hope Candle,” fitting because the prophecy of the coming of Christ brought hope to those that believed in it.

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