Power of the Holy Spirit (PS)

Published May 19, 2016 by humanlign


Theme: The Power of the Holy Spirit

Teacher to class:

This is Pentecost Sunday, the day God filled the church with the Holy Spirit and inspired Jesus’ disciples to spread the word of God.

You and I are filled with the Holy Spirit when we are Baptized.

Scripture Readings:

Acts 2: 1-11. ” They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.”

Luke 4:14. “Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit.”

Luke 4: 17-18. “The Spirit of The Lord is upon me.”

What is the Holy Spirit?

The Hebrew word for spirit is ‘ruach’, referring to one’s breath or the wind. Like the wind, we can’t see the Holy Spirit. In the bible, the Holy Spirit is also referred to as God. [“God is Spirit.” John 4: 24.]

The Holy Spirit is part of the Trinity. It is what made Jesus so special. Jesus acts by the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what connects us to God. God’s spirit is in us. We can’t see the presence of God within us, but if we pray or meditate very deeply, we can feel the presence of God within us.

[Puppets: Fred and Jane.]

Note: Today the puppets interact with the Teacher. The classroom is filled with balloons (about 50). Before the puppets come on stage, the Teacher talks with the class about this being Pentecost Sunday and the meaning of the Holy Spirit (see above).

Puppet script:


Wow, look at all of the balloons


Who are they for?


Theyre for ME, of course!


Fred, don’t be so selfish.


OK, you can have one.


Just one? There must be a hundred balloons out there.


Ok, you can have TWO!


What are they for? Is someone having a party?


I don’t know, let’s ask Teacher.


Teacher, what are the balloons for?


Well, today the children and I are talking about the Holy Spirit.


Is it the Holy Spirit’s birthday?


Don’t be silly Fred. How can the Holy Spirit have a birthday party? You can’t even see the Holy Spirit!


Well you are right Jane, you can’t see the Holy Spirit, but that doesn’t mean the Holy Spirit isn’t here or doesn’t really exist. Let’s talk about these balloons.

[Puppets stand down.]

Teacher to class:

[Teacher holds up an un-inflated balloon.]

What is a balloon made of? (Answer: rubber)

What is so special about a balloon? (Answer: the fact that it can float or fly in the air)

What makes the balloon float in the air? (Answer: it’s filled with an invisible gas that is lighter than air – which is also a gas.)

The gas inside the balloon is invisible, but we know it is there. In fact, it is what gives the balloon its life, so to speak.

How is a balloon like a person?

When you puncture the skin of the balloon the balloon body dies in that it is no longer functional, but the gas inside the balloon does not die, it dissipates.

Likewise, when the body becomes diseased or the heart stops beating, the body dies or becomes non functional, but the soul and the Holy Spirit does not die.

The Holy Spirit is not the soul. The soul is the mind, our conscience, our intuition, our ability to have and feel love and emotions. When the Bible quotes God as saying we will create man in our own likeness, many religious scholars believe God was referring to the soul. The soul is a reflection of God.

When our body dies, the Bible says the soul will be united with the body at the final resurrection of Christ.

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