Using your talents to serve God (A)

Published January 19, 2017 by humanlign

Theme: Using your talents to serve God.

Scripture Reading:

1 Peter 4:
10:  “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”


Today we will discuss — and visually reinforce — three ideas:

1. God has given us different skills or talents that we may consider as gifts from God.

2. We should use these gifts to serve God and others.

3. Working together, we are the church of God.


Use a visual aid to illustrate the points we want to make: a homemade puzzle consisting of 3 large pieces. See the photos below.


The class is broken up into three groups. Each group gets a puzzle piece.

  • Puzzle piece number 1 looks like a Christmas tree.
  • Puzzle piece number 2 looks like an open book.
  • Puzzle piece number 3 looks like a room full of people.










Each group does the activity assigned to their respective piece:

The Christmas tree. The adult group leader or teacher aid asks the children to think of a special skill or talent they have or would like to have (for example, play the piano, fly, be super strong). The group leader writes the answers in the round Christmas tree ornaments. Mention that these skills or talents can be thought of as gifts from God (which is why they are put on a Christmas tree). Then discuss how each skill or power could be used to serve the Lord by helping other people.

The open book. The group leader asks the children to think about what they would like to be when they grow up (for example, a policeperson, an airline pilot, a taxi driver). The group leader then writes the professions on the lines on the open book pages. The group then discusses how each profession could be used to serve god by serving other people or Church. For example, a cabinetmaker could help build a library in the church school. The group leader will then write the way in which each professional could serve God next to the professional’s title (for example, “Cabinetmaker – build a church library”).

The room full of people. The room in this puzzle piece will be filled with images of professional people (for example, a doctor, a policeperson, a construction worker). [The images could be hand drawn or cut out of newspapers or magazines.] The group will think about ways that groups or communities of people working together can serve or honor God.  The group leader will then write a few of those suggestions in the empty lines under the group of people.

Allow about 10 minutes for the three groups to have their respective discussions and finish their piece of the puzzle. Then collect the puzzles pieces.  When assembled, the puzzle pieces form a church, with the tree being the front of and entrance to the church, the book being the roof of the church, and the room full of people being the congregation.



Pointing to each piece, discuss how the puzzle is like real life in that we can: 1) all use our God-given talents (the gifts on the tree), 2) to serve God in many different ways (the ideas in the book/roof) and 3) working together to serve God we are the Church of God (the congregation).

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